We carry out cleaning tasks on the bottom of oil and oil tanks, in confined spaces and effluent pools

Duct Clearance

It is done using equipment combined with high vacuum equipment achieving a total cleaning, even in master pipes.


We have equipment enabled for the transportation of waste complying with current regulations, according to Law 24051 of the Secretary of Environment and Development of Sustainability, treatment plants and final disposal of different points in the country. Delivery of final disposal certificates.

Video Inspection and Diagnosis

The robot is installed inside a pipe of any shape or dimension and performs a detailed study, cataloging the data through a software The data collected from the inspection can be stored in digital or printed format.

Dust extraction with high vacuum equipment and filtration systems

By means of this equipment, it is possible to suck in an efficient and dust-free manner, removing dry materials, sludge, sludge and liquids from remote and difficult access areas.