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  • We are an Argentine company with more than 40 years of experience oriented to provide integral services of sanitation, cleaning and transportation of hazardous or special waste taking care of the environment.

  • Our services contribute to the balance between industry and the environment, adapting us to the programs of Security and advances of our clients, in order to progress together in the way of the quality in service delivery.

We contribute to the sustainable well-being of the population, providing innovative solutions linked to the integral management of the environment

  • Cleaning of oil tanker funds.
  • Cleaning in confined spaces. Venting and degassing
  • Cleaning API pools, drains and sedimentation wells
  • Surface preparation by hydro-sandblasting
  • Work on contingencies of oil spills or special waste on plants, public roads, fields and coastal areas
  • OPDS on-site operator
Duct Clearance
  • Hydrokinetic decontamination of rainwater, sewage and industrial networks
  • Rehabilitation of large-sized ducts.
  • Extraction and transport of waste to an authorized treatment plant.
  • Transport and movement of contaminated land.
  • Removal of muds with hydrocarbon of service stations.
  • Remediation of floors
Video inspection
  • Diagnosis of ducts
Dust extraction
  • With high vacuum equipment and filtration systems.